Friday Rant – Being a Peon Sucks

So much for a nice relaxing Friday. I got an email this morning from a department head asking me to drop everything else I’m working on and do a last minute project for him because he “just realized” he doesn’t feel like doing what he originally told me he was going to do for a presentation next week. Now I need to write an entirely new presentation for him and have it done by the end of the day. Joy!

I’m starting to see the appeal of being my own boss. I’ve only been here for four years, so I can only imagine how someone who has been at their job for a decade must feel when they’re asked to bend over backwards to accommodate the last minute requests of their superiors.

Well, can’t waste too much time complaining. Have to get to work. Have a great Friday everyone!

3 Responses to Friday Rant – Being a Peon Sucks

  1. Well at least this new presentation is going pretty quickly. Feeling a little better about my stress levels!

  2. I too am a peon and been in this same situation numerous times before. In fact just last week I was thrown for a loop and to spit out a 20 page document in like 2 hours. Eventually it will pay off for us though. Trust me.

    • Well part of the reason we get called on to do these urgent projects is because our coworkers know that we’re reliable and will deliver for them. It’s actually a compliment that they trust us to produce content that they won’t have much, if any, time to review, it’s just hard to see it that way.

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