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Beware the Office Break Room

temptationsI hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! If you waddled home from dinner last night with an overstuffed belly and a tryptophan coma, you’re not alone. For many, Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday overeating season. Starting next week, your office’s break room may be filled with everyone’s leftovers, and you’ll be munching on pumpkin pie, stuffing, and turkey for the next two weeks. Then when we finally get through all of our Thanksgiving leftovers, people will start bringing in Christmas treats – cookies, candies, and gift baskets piled high with all sorts of goodies. The office becomes a danger zone for those of us trying to lose weight.

After the jump, a few tips to stay on track despite the temptations all around you.

Stock your desk with healthy snacks
Keep some fruit, veggies, and nuts in your desk drawer. When you have an afternoon craving, you don’t need to turn to the holiday goodies, you can have a healthy snack at your desk. Make sure these snacks are things you actually like, though. This is not the time to try and force yourself to like celery. A baggie of celery in your desk will do you no good if you don’t have any desire to eat it.

Stay away from the break room
If you don’t go into the break room, you won’t be tempted by the holiday treats. But maybe you need to go in there to get coffee, fill your water bottle, or pick up your lunch from the fridge. If so, bring something with you – a stack of folders, your phone, anything that will keep one of your hands occupied while the other one is holding the cup of coffee, bottle of water, or lunch bag. Then you won’t have a free hand to take a treat with you.

If you do indulge, don’t do it in the break room
If it’s too much temptation and you’ve got to sample one of the treats, take it back to your desk to eat it. If you eat it in the break room, you’ll be more likely to have more. If you eat it at your desk, the mere fact that you’d have to get up and walk back to the break room to get seconds will usually be enough to keep you from having more.

Does your office break room turn into a holiday spread this time of year? How do you keep yourself from overindulging?

2 Responses to Beware the Office Break Room

  1. I am lucky because at the hospital where I work we don’t have a break room full of goodies. I do keep healthy snacks in my drawer though so if I have the munchies I am not tempted to buy junk.

    • Gen Y Finance Journey

      That is very helpful! My office’s break room is always stocked with unhealthy snacks, and it only gets worse around the holidays. I have a feeling my office may be worse than others in this regard. :)

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