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Friday Rant – House Hunters

house huntersI haven’t ranted about anything lately. I think it’s high time. I watched a full episode of House Hunters for the first time this week. I’d seen clips of the show before, so I knew it was ridiculous, but it’s a special kind of experience to watch the show from start to finish.

In this episode, the couple seemed to have three main desires: a double driveway so one car doesn’t get trapped behind the other in the driveway, a big yard so the husband can take his riding mower out of storage, and to take a perfectly good house and tear half the rooms apart because of all the things that are “wrong” with them.

So how did they do on their three goals?

Double driveway – they completely caved. This seemed to be their most reasonable desire, and despite the fact that one of the houses had a huge driveway, only one room that “needed” to be fixed, AND the lowest price, they went with one of the other houses that had a single driveway.

Big yard – now don’t get me wrong, I love having a huge yard, they’re absolutely great. But with every house the couple visited, the husband went out back and said, “gosh, this yard just isn’t big enough for me to use my riding mower.” Big yards are for playing with your kids, having a place for your dog to run around, having parties with your friends, starting a garden. They are not for justifying your ridiculous purchase of an unnecessary piece of equipment that is currently sitting in storage because you had no need for it in the first place. The house they ended up getting had a perfectly fine yard, but not big enough for the riding mower, so hallelujah! He’s going to get rid of it!

Tear all the rooms apart - yes indeed, they picked the house that had the most “required” renovations (it’s getting pretty tiresome putting all these quotes around words). They didn’t say how much all the renovations they wanted to do would cost, but they did say that they would make this house the most expensive choice of the three, and since one of the others was just a couple thousand shy of their budget, I can assume when you factor in the renovations they went over budget.

I probably shouldn’t watch this show ever again, because when they said which house they were picking, I actually screamed at the TV. The third house they looked at was the obvious choice. It had the huge driveway, they really liked most of the interior, and it was the cheapest of the three. There was one required (no quotes) renovation – the house was previously occupied by someone in a wheelchair, so the stovetop had been lowered to where he could reach it. Of course they would have torn out the entire beautiful kitchen and redone the whole thing, but they would have done that to any of the three houses they looked at.

I just couldn’t understand how people could take the one reasonable requirement they had and throw it out the window for a house that “needed” so much renovating that it would go over their budget. I wanted to punch the guy in the face every time he brought up his stupid riding mower. My fiancĂ© and I were just sitting there shouting, “that room is beautiful, why on earth would you want to tear it apart? Stop talking about your stupid riding mower! Why are you even looking at a house that has a single driveway if a double driveway is one of your requirements?” for half an hour.

I have great blood pressure now, and I’d like to keep it that way, so I think I better not watch this show again.

16 Responses to Friday Rant – House Hunters

  1. Wow, looking at buying a house so you can use a riding mower? It sounds to me like their priorities were just a BIT messed up. I hate mowing grass an d all, but that should be pretty low in the scheme of things. I’d much rather have a nice backyard so we can do many of the things you described, not so I could use some ridiculous piece of equipment.

    • Gen Y Finance Journey

      I often have a hard time relating to MMM and some of the other super frugal bloggers out there, but when I was watching this episode, I really felt like a true Mustachian with all my urges to punch the guy in the face. :)

  2. Another reason my wife and I can’t watch HGTV, Lol.

  3. This show is generally a joke. They have to already own the home before they get on the show. Also, that couple will learn that home renovations are no fun and are usually pretty expensive. Not the sharpest tools in the shed.

  4. LOL, I feel the same way. I’m like shut up you don’t have a 5 car garage and the bathroom is blue. A-is a 5 car garage really necessary? B-paint, people! $30 a gallon and that bathroom is beige again.

  5. Yes these shows are mostly infuriating. But they also show how little the general public knows about the priorities of home purchasing. It also shows how financially illiterate and naive we are as a country of consumers. This show is the tip of the iceberg. After all we have popular shows like the Kardashians and Housewives of _____________. This is what people WANT to see. So don’t get me started!

    • Gen Y Finance Journey

      I can’t watch reality shows of that style – I think it’s funny that they’re even referred to as “reality” shows. There’s nothing real about the Kardashians or the Housewives. If your biggest concern in life is whether your frenemy is pissed at you because she didn’t invite you to her lavish purse party, or whatever they do on those shows, you’re not living in the same reality that I am.

  6. I can’t think of ANY reality shows that don’t make my blood pressure rise, actually.

    Well, except Hell’s Kitchen. That’s just entertaining.

  7. I LOVE House Hunters and House Hunters International, mainly because I like to see houses. I am sometimes sitting in my own house, in shock at what is “required” renovations! I have many things I would “like” to do – new bathroom, kitchen, flooring, etc. but none are “required” haha. Required is when something breaks or needs immediate repair.

  8. Why is it those who they interview in shows like this have more money than the average joe and in places that are less luxurious?? Why can’t they do the bottom of the ladder people who are looking for a house within a smaller price bracket!! Now that would be entertainment!!

    • Gen Y Finance Journey

      I wish they would tell you more about the buyers’ financial picture. Their salaries, net worth, and how much they’re planning to put down on the house. I have a feeling it would be very enlightening.

  9. AHEM, you know that they show is rigged, right?

  10. I haven’t heard of this show. It sounds hilarious. I am always amazed at how people set their priorities. It is amazing what some find important.

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