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Carnival Mentions

I submitted a couple posts to carnivals for the first time last week and I’m very excited to have been included!

  • 20′s Finances included me in their carnival of finance articles for young adults. Thanks Corey!
  • Bible Money Matters hosted this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance and included me. Thanks Peter!

I’m on Twitter!

As part of my commitment to becoming a more reliable, informative blogger, I’ve created a twitter account for the blog. Despite being an otherwise tech-savvy Gen Yer, I’m twitter-illiterate (twilliterate?), so please excuse any blatant misuses of ampersands and hash signs until I’ve come up to speed! You can follow me at @GenY_Finance.

Joining the Yakezie Challenge

Proud Member of the Yakezie Challenge

I’ve decided it’s time to challenge myself to be a better, more consistent, more informative blogger. Writing these posts has been a lot of fun, but as a goal-oriented person, I need something to aim for. Enter the Yakezie Challenge. The Yakezie Challenge is a 6 month competition against myself to increase my site ranking. Should I succeed, I will join the ranks of several of my favorite personal finance blogs, including Retire By 40Financial SamuraiThe College Investor, and many others. Visiting the Yakezie blog network every day has given me incredible insights into money, health, and life, and I hope that one day I can bring insights to others.

The goal isn’t just to get my Alexa ranking below 200,000, it’s to challenge myself to produce quality content on a regular basis. To research topics and share what I learn with others, to write about original subject matter or present often re-hashed subject matter in an original way, to entertain, to write posts that elicit constructive feedback from my respected peers, to become a part of the online personal finance community.

When I joined the challenge yesterday, my Alexa ranking was 5,872,956. Today it is 6,867,504. Apparently my blog is getting worse by the day! At this rate, in 6 months my ranking will be over 180,000,000.

I’m very thankful to the people who have already taken the time to visit my blog and post encouraging words. I’m looking forward to producing more valuable content and I do hope you’ll continue to stop by.

Try a Little Harder, Starbucks

Not a real post here, just had to rant a little bit. Prefaced by the admission that I do have a Starbucks gold card – I love their breakfast sandwiches and have one once a week or so.

I just received an email offer from Starbucks letting me know that if I earn 12 stars (ie, make 12 separate purchases) in a 14 day period, they’ll give me a $5 gift certificate.


My breakfast sandwich costs $3.25, so if I get 12 of them, that’s $39 I’d have spent to earn $5. Do offers like this really work on people?